Thursday, 12 July 2012

Freedom Pass Asia

Freedom Pass Asia was launched a few weeks ago and is still in it's early stages. The site promotes open transportation tickets for independent travelers throughout Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Currently only the Laos section has been developed with the aim of pushing forward with the other countries in the near future.

Freedom Pass Asia allows the user to select and purchase their route of travel online. After a customer has made their purchase they can just login and book their sector. This has numerous advantages.
The main advantage is that prices are fixed and with Freedom Pass getting most of their commission from the bus companies the prices value is excellent. There is also no need to shop around for the best operator as Freedom Pass has already contacted and selected the most reliable transport operators throughout the country.

Another advantage is that the client can book online up to 12 hours before departure there is no need to go to the bus station and buy a ticket. They will automatically receive an eCode which they can use all they have to do is turn up to the departure point 30 minutes before. Simple and easy allowing them more time to enjoy their travels or recover from the night before!!

The system is designed for independent travelers and uses local transport be it buses or boats. There are also maps displayed for each of the routes and a timetable section showing arrival and departure points.

With so many people wanting to travel independently this may even catch on to agents who are able to book for their clients travelling!! In which case Xplore-Laos may consider working closer with Freedom Pass to provide increased travel solutions

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