Friday, 2 July 2010

Southern Laos and the Bolaven Plateau

Looking to into visiting Southern Laos? Thinking of going to the Bolaven Plateau well there is a great new eco-resort that has just opened up in on the Plateau about 35km outside Pakse. The resort is set in a lush surroundings surrounded by coffee and tea plantations.

The climate is cool as you are about 1,000m in elevation on this volcanic plateau. There are numerous waterfalls around the resort but just actually you don't have to travel far to the closest one, you are right by it. From your bungalow just walk down the steps to Tad E-Tu waterfall here you can swim relax and enjoy the refreshig water. There are also short treks you can do from Tad E-Tu resort.

For more information about reservations or tours to the Bolaven Plateau contact us at Xplore-Asia.

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