Friday, 28 May 2010

Artisans De Angkor Siem Riep Cambodia

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Cambodia is a destination rich in history, culture and religion. It has been through turbulent times in the past, with the French occupation and the Khmer Rouge revolution however, Cambodia, has managed to retain its identity and culture. Nowhere more is this exhibited, than at Artisans de Angkor, a European Union sponsored business program, producing traditional local handicrafts for sale, across Asia and around the World.

Artisans De Angkor is in Siem Riep, home to the finest examples of Khmer architecture in the country, including Angkor Wat which is the main attraction that visitors to the area come to see.

A trip to Artisans de Angkor, is well worth including in your tour to the area, as it will open your eyes and provide a real-life insight, into the nature of the handicraft making business. The company employs graduates from the nearby 'Chantiers-Écoles de formation professionnelle' a professional training school that was set up with the aim to provide skills and training to unemployed people between the ages of 18 and 25, particularly after the reign of the Khmer Rouge, to make sure Cambodian arts and culture survived and could be showcased in the future.

Artisans de Angkor was then set up to provide the graduates with an employment opportunity, providing them with sustainable employment and income for themselves, their families and their local areas.

The best way to see Artisans de Angkor, is to take a fully guided tour, with the help of your fully knowledgeable guide, you will be shown around the whole process of producing fine local handicrafts including 100% fine Silk products, such as scarfs, bags, purses, wallets, cushion covers and excellent Silk woven paintings.

Also, Artisans produces a variety of lacquer ware products including statues, ornaments and containers, and amazing stone sculptures, all which you are able to purchase and take home as a souvenir of your visit to Cambodia.

Purchasing a souvenir or two from Artisans de Angkor, contributes to the sustainable employment and income of the regions people and keeps the fine arts and cultural heritage of Cambodia continuing, for now and into the future.

Please visit our website for details of tours that include Artisans de Angkor and the Cambodian region in general.

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